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Family Support

“Families are identified, unified and established to what families are meant to be.”

We assist families by providing the knowledge and skills required to parent a child with a delay, ensuring they have the information and resources they need to be successful advocates and strong supports for their child and family.

Who is the Family Support Program for?

The Family Support Program is for La Ronge and Air Ronge families who want:

Parents and caregivers can selfrefer or can be referred by any other community agency.

What is expected of Parents/Caregivers?

In order for the program to work, families must become involved voluntarily. It is key for the parent/caregiver to play an active role with the family support worker in the development and realization of goals through the outcome and tasks model.

Let’s work together.

The goal of a family support program is to empower a family and utilize the strengths they have , and engage the family to create the best environment possible for their children. The parent is the child’s first teacher. We are supportive of their roles.

Program Outcomes:

Short Term

Increased knowledge of:

Mid Term


Long Term

What do Family Support Workers do?


ECIP organizations share the vision that “All families have the capacity to meet the developmental needs of their children within the community of their choice.”

About ECIP


  • Enhance childhood development.
  • Identify family needs and strengths.
  • Support and empower families.
  • Provide links to community services.

Core Services


ECIP is a nonprofit organization funded through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Health Canada and through donations and grants.

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