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CURRENT REGION: Children North 306-425-6600

About Us

Children North ECIP offers family centered and home-based early childhood intervention support. We provide services to families in La Ronge, Grandmother's Bay, Sucker River, Hall Lake and Pinehouse. ECIP families have children with special and specific needs and who are not yet enrolled full time in school. ECIP's support to families is based on the families' needs and may include:

Children North also offers family support from a Family Assistant. This is a home-based, outreach program working with vulnerable families and their children. Using a positive, strength-based approach, the Assistant may mentor parents to build their skills in maintaining a healthy home. Parents may need assistance learning housekeeping, doing laundry, budgeting, meal preparation, developing routines, making and keeping appointments, or connecting with other services in the community. The Assistant may also work with parents to establish and maintain healthy relationships with other parents.

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ECIP Core Services


ECIP organizations share the vision that “All families have the capacity to meet the developmental needs of their children within the community of their choice.”

About ECIP


  • Enhance childhood development.
  • Identify family needs and strengths.
  • Support and empower families.
  • Provide links to community services.

Core Services


ECIP is a nonprofit organization funded through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Health Canada and through donations and grants.

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